Barbara Szewczyk born in 1983. Graduated from The Polish National Film School in Lodz and New York Film Academy in New York City. She made many short films: feauters, animations and documentaries. Her movies participated in many international festivals and were awarded a few times. As she was educated in animation she is gaining her experience in live-action movies with passion for it. Barbara also does photography, paints, does set-designs, costumes and draws storyboards. Her works won prizes in art competitions and were shown on many exhibitions. She cooperates with Wilanów Palace Museum on organization of the contest of sewing a replica of Helena Modjeska's costume. Modjeska was a Polsih-American actress from 19th century and the style icon of her era. Barbara gave a few lectures about Modjeska’s costumes and about history of fashion. She also conducted animation workshops.

She enjoys studying the fascinating age of steam and electricity, she spends time in museums communing with paintings of the greatest masters of nineteenth century's art and with masterpieces of former arts of tailoring. Bringing those two passions together she willingly makes films showing a beauty of historical costumes and their exciting history.


2012 A Dress and a Guide Dog - feature short film.
2012 Theatre School Festival - promotional video.
2011 Eager to Spread Defeatism - feature short film.
2011 R - feature short film.
2011 One Minute Film - feature short film.
2011 In a Fashionable Ladys' Wardrobe - feature short educational film.
2011 Through a Door Left Ajar - video-report from photo-shoot in Wilanow Palace Museum.
2010 17th Street - short documentary.
2010 Bulbes - music-video for Polish singer Justyna Steczkowska.
2010 Chained by Corsets - mid-length animated documentary (cutout-style animation).
2008 How Magda Touches the World - visualisation for the radio documentary.
2007 What I Care - music-video (cutout-style animation).
2006 Magdalen, the Witch - combination of feature and animated film (live action and cutout-style animation).
2005 Two Colours - short animation (puppet stop-motion).
2004 On the Strings - short animation (puppet stop-motion).


Special Awards:
2010 Nomination for Chained by Corsets in category 'The best film' on TOFUZI Film Festival in Batumi, Georgia, 2010.
2008 Special Prize for the visualisation How Magda Touches the World at the Radio Documentary Festival in Lubostron, Poland.
2006 Second Prize for the film Magdalen, the Witch at the Wydmy Film Festival in Gdansk, Poland.

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